Reflections on the Festive

So, its all over and we’re nearing the end of January, time to flee to the sun, enjoy the frosty dawns here in Brundall, plan the summer holidays, catch up on all the new drama on TV, write that journal you’ve always been meaning to, plant the fruit trees… well, we could go on…

Pause for a moment to reflect on the Twinning Christmas meal, a lovely evening at the Cantley Cock, great company, great food and all for a very reasonable price! We’ve got some photos to remember the occasion..

Meanwhile don’t forget the newsletter and the call for interest in the trip to Maurecourt this year. Many of you will know how the weekend works but for those who haven’t been before we leave Brundall early on the Friday morning and return to Brundall Monday evening.  We stay in the houses of our French friends who will look after you all the weekend. You will need to let us know, using the contacts in the newsletter, by 31st January if you want to reserve a place! You know you want to!

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