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In 1979 Brundall was approached by Monsieur Bourdais, a keen Anglophile from war service in England with the Free French, who wanted to establish a twinning link between his small town north of Paris with a place of similar size and type in England.

Brundall was suggested by his friend Mr Leslie Turnham who used to live here, so Diana Wenley and Hazel Holmes from the Parish Council undertook to investigate the possibility. With enough local interest, and advice from local county and national organisations, we made direct contact.

In 1980, with a newly formed committee including Tina Ward and Christine Buchanan, we invited a party from Maurecourt, M. Bourdais, Mlle. Moie, M and Mme Le Pavec and M. Moreau the Mayor and his wife, to introduce them to our community – the village, the river, the pubs, Norwich, Blickling and Great Yarmouth. There was an official reception to meet the Rector and representatives of local organisations, and the Parish Council. It was such a happy and friendly meeting that a return trip by the Brundall Committee was arranged, and the decision was taken officially to ‘twin’.

In 1981 there were ceremonies in both France and England. Twenty Two members from Brundall went to Maurecourt in May with an illuminated Charter document, and engraved glass bowl and many small gifts. Twenty Five came from France in October with a Charter, a local plate and key (which can be seen in the Brundall Medical Centre) and some maritime books. They were greeted with street banners, the Blomfield Silver Band and Morris Dancers.

Exchange visits were planned for alternate years from 1982 onwards, forging a future of generous hospitality and newly found friendships within and between the two communities.

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